From our table to yours: Hanukkah Latkes

In the spirit of Hanukkah, we’re sharing a delicious recipe for latkes from one of our Directors, Leah Gordon. Leah told us that she usually makes them “by feel” but agreed to put it to paper for Pilot Light! Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating! 

Leah Gordon’s Hanukkah Latkes

-4 medium Russet Potatoes
-1 small, or ½ medium Yellow Onion
-2 Eggs
-1/2 cup All Purpose Flour
-1/2 tsp Salt
-1/4 tsp Pepper
-Canola Oil

To make the latkes:
-Using a deep-frying pan, pour canola oil in to cover the bottom and a ¼ inch up the sides of the
pan. Bring the pan up to a medium heat.
-Place a colander in the sink, and after peeling the potatoes grate them into the colander using
the large cut on a box grater. Remove the skin from the onion and grate it into the colander as
well. Using a spatula, press it against the potato and onion mixture to help remove excess
moisture while moving them around, and then use the spatula to scrape the mixture out of the
colander into a large mixing bowl. Crack the eggs into the mixture and combine with a fork.
Add the flour, salt and pepper, again combining the mixture with a fork. If the mixture is wet
and not binding together, add a Tablespoon more of flour at a time until getting the consistency
you want.
-Drop a small pinch of the latke mixture into the frying pan to check the temperature of the oil.
If the oil sizzles around the mixture, then you’re ready. If not, bring the heat up a little and
check the temperature using a little pinch of the latke mixture again.
-Using a ½ cup measure, scoop the latke mixture from the bowl and turn it out gently into the
frying pan. Use the back of the measuring cup to press down the latke mixture a bit. Repeat 2-
3 times, but don’t overcrowd the pan. After 2-3 minutes flip the latkes using a fork and a
spatula (tongs will break apart the batter) to help not splatter yourself or the cooking area with
hot oil. You’re looking for a deep golden-brown color when you flip the latke, so adjust the
heat accordingly as you cook. Once both sides are the desired color, remove the latkes and
place on a cooling rack with paper towels underneath to catch the excess oil. Add more oil to
the pan (make sure to bring it back up to temperature) in between batches if necessary.

-Serve with the traditional accompaniments of applesauce and sour cream or have fun and try
different toppings and garnishes.

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