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Pilot Light’s Emma Sommine hosting a Granola station for youth to build their own GranolaBecome a Pilot Light volunteer by signing up to become an Ambassador!

Pilot Light Ambassadors are passionate about Food Education and dedicated to supporting our mission and the teachers that make our programs possible. Ambassadors are our “first call” – when we need support, we call on you! 

Our teacher-centered model is vitally important to us. We work with teachers closely and strive to be responsive to their needs. This means that we rarely require in-classroom support from our volunteers. However, our small team always appreciates help spreading the word about Pilot Light both to educators and supporters! Through the Ambassador initiative, volunteers are able to demonstrate their dedication to Food Education in a way that is best suited to their strengths, interests, and passions. 

What is required of Pilot Light Ambassadors? 

Pilot Light Ambassadors commit to serving Pilot Light on a volunteer, as-needed basis. Ambassadors are encouraged to identify which volunteer opportunities best fit their strengths, skill sets, and capacity, We ask that Ambassadors strive to participate in at least one volunteer opportunity per calendar year. 

Prior to participating in any volunteer activities on behalf of Pilot Light, Ambassadors will be required to attend a “Pilot Light 101” group training session, which Pilot Light staff will hold at least once a year. 


Volunteer opportunities with Pilot Light span a wide range. The Ambassador initiative structure allows us to work with our volunteers to identify opportunities best suited to their skills and interests – we want to find what works best for you! Some examples of volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Volunteering at our annual Feed Your Mind Gala 
  • Performing outreach to local restaurants and businesses on behalf of Pilot Light 
  • Helping spread the word about our programs to teachers in your community 
  • Assisting with research and administrative projects 
  • Event photography and marketing assistance at both in person and online events.

Get involved today! 

Ready to get started? Contact us at the form below and tell us why you want to support Pilot Light! A member of our team will contact you shortly and set up a time to meet and discuss volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission! 

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