Building a lifelong, healthy relationship with food goes beyond the classroom. Pilot Light students are always excited to share what they are learning in the classroom with their families and communities

We have resources (including eLearning lessons, and family lessons and videos in English and Spanish) for families to engage in together and to provide deeper connections through the act of sharing and making food. We hope these resources can reinforce what students learn in the classroom and build upon their existing knowledge in order to cultivate food equity and justice throughout our Chicago communities and beyond. 

We’d love to hear from you and improve our program and resources! Reach out to us to share your story and let us know how Pilot Light can support you and your family! 


“Pilot Light introduced my daughter to new foods and new ways to prepare foods she already enjoyed. She is also learning how food is connected to so many other aspects of her education and life.”

–  Parent of Pilot Light Student

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