Food education in classrooms and homes

We support and center students as they learn and advocate for informed choices by bridging the lessons they learn in their classrooms to the foods on their lunch trays, at home, and in their communities.

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Pilot Light Food Education Fellowship - Apply Today!

We are seeking highly motivated Pre-K through 12th grade teachers across the country with an interest in connecting to their students and communities and implementing Pilot Light food education lessons consistently in their classrooms.

Apply today! Application closes May 31st, 2021!

Pilot Light Anywhere - free eLearning resources!

Pilot Light Anywhere lessons are designed for teaching literacy-based food education for grades Pre-K through 12 – wherever you are. All lessons are built around our Food Education Standards and Common Core English Langauge Arts Standards. Our Food Education Standards provide a holistic scope of food education for all students.

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Highly motivated PreK–12 educators in the United States with an interest in implementing Pilot Light food education lessons consistently in their virtual and/or in-person classrooms are encouraged to learn more and apply for our Food Education Fellowship each spring.

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Educators, caregivers, and young people can also check out our free library of classroom-based and eLearning lessons, videos, and recipes, as well as advocacy lessons to bring food education anywhere!

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We host professional development aligned to state standards and our own Food Education Standards. Stay tuned to our Calendar for upcoming events!

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Our ever-growing team is searching for champions of food and nutrition whose backgrounds reflect those of the students we reach and who can help amplify students’ voices.

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Food Education Standards

Learn more about the first-ever national cohesive model for classroom food education, incorporating food as a lens for traditional subjects, such as Math, Reading, History, and Science.

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Community Partner Spotlight: Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark

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Meet the Pilot Light students from Beethoven Elementary.

Through Pilot Light and food education, students engage more deeply in core subjects, like math, reading, history, and science. Students from Beethoven Elementary have focused on lessons tied to Food Education Standard #5: Food Impacts Health. By building knowledge around how different foods interact with the body to sustain us, we can identify the benefits of nutrient-dense foods and their effects on our bodies and minds.

“Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients--because acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body.”

Help bring the power of food education to more students by making a gift today to Pilot Light’s Spring Campaign (#linkinbio).

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Meet Karen Walls.

K-8 Art and Garden Teacher at Beethoven Elementary School. Current Pilot Light Fellow.

By facilitating a garden and tapping into a fruit and vegetable program at her school, Karen is encouraging students to explore foods that are both familiar and new with her holistic understanding of ingredients, food, and nutrition.

“Students are excited to learn about food around the world and how they can create new dishes and explore new tastes by adding ingredients they would otherwise not use.”

Support our Fellows and their students by making a gift today to Pilot Light’s Spring Campaign (#linkinbio). To support our growth, our Board of Directors is offering a match for the first $7500 donated to our Spring Campaign.

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#fundraiserteacher #teachertraining #supportteachers #chicagobased

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