Pilot Light ignites the flame of Food Education. 

At Pilot Light, we partner with educators to bring the power of food into everyday classroom learning. By making food relevant, exciting, and meaningful to PreK-12 students during the school day, Pilot Light programs empower them to become active and informed members of the food system. 

Pilot Light educator Lisa M. shows her Pre-K students how to make a delicious smoothie. A group of about seven students gathers around Lisa as she shows them a blender with light pink liquid inside.

We believe that investing in teacher professional development, fostering in-community partnerships, and providing materials and resources are all key components to building teacher capacity to deliver integrated Food Education. When teachers are empowered to be the leaders of Food Education, students become equipped with the skills necessary to become positive and informed leaders of our food systems future. 

Pilot Light programs are always designed with teachers in mind. We strive to build teacher capacity rather than add “another thing on the plate” of educators. By integrating food topics into the academic day, we add value to the instructional time instead of adding more to do teachers’ To Do Lists. 

We make Food Education accessible for all through professional development, resource bundles, and our free online lesson plan library. By grounding our programs in the Food Education Standards, Pilot Light’s model allows for flexibility and easily adapts to meet schools’ individual needs. 

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