Announcing FOOD THOUGHTS – Videos from WTTW and Pilot Light for Kids & Families

Healthy eating and food education are essential to preparing the very youngest members of our community for school and life. As children head back to school, Pilot Light and WTTW announce the launch of FOOD THOUGHTS, a new animated seven-part series of one-minute videos that will debut on WTTW on Monday, October 11 across the Chicago region. New episodes will air throughout the WTTW Kids lineup each week through the week of November 15. FOOD THOUGHTS will also be available for streaming at

Hosted by Pilot Light’s own puppy chef, “Puprika,” each FOOD THOUGHTS episode is based on one of Pilot Light’s Food Education Standards, which were published in 2018 to define holistic food education. The Standards illustrate how food connects us and has an impact on our culture, relationships, history, and environment – a concept that is deeply ingrained in Pilot Light’s mission. In each episode, Puprika joins a diverse group of children and families to visit their homes, gardens, farms, and schools, where they explore the different ways in which food touches our lives. With catchy and entertaining dialogue, Puprika explains to kids and families where their food comes from and how to make healthier choices.

FOOD THOUGHTS is an extension of Pilot Light’s work in school classrooms where Pre – Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers deliver lessons that integrate food as a lens for traditional subjects, like math, reading, history, and science. Since 2010, the program has grown to engage more than 15,000 students in Chicago and nationwide. Through this project, Pilot Light will work directly with Chicago pre-kindergarten teachers involved in its Food Education Fellowship program to promote FOOD THOUGHTS on WTTW – bridging the digital divide – and to connect directly with parents and caregivers to foster dialogue at home around healthy food.


Funding for FOOD THOUGHTS is provided by Cooking Matters, a campaign of Share Our Strength. FOOD THOUGHTS is written and produced by Electric Black Experience (EBE), a New York City-based production company that focuses on the screen stage and music arena. Animation is by MaGik World Animation.

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