Yusho’s Ramen Battles: Thinking Outside the Kitchen

Ramen is not just for college students. While it may seem like a simple noodle dish, it offers the creative freedom to explore different broths and ingredients as well as flavors and textures.

In the heart of Logan Square, Yusho Japenese Grill and Noodle House has been hostingmonthly ramen battles since February 2014 to allow guest chefs to follow their culinary intuition and create their own specialty ramen.

Yusho, headed by our cofounder Matthias Merges (A10, Billy Sunday, Irving Park Brewery), hosts two guest chefs who create their own specialty ramen. Guests then vote on the winner with special ballots rating from one (“try again) to five (“Love + Love”).  The winner is announced on social media the next day.

Merges said that the “Ramen Battle was born out of the desire to bring the culinary community together giving chefs a venue to show off their skills using the ramen noodle as the common ingredient.”

The restaurant provides the house-made ramen but everything else is up to the chefs. The ramen battle gives chefs the chance to work creatively outside their kitchens and try new things while introducing diners to the many splendid possibilities of ramen.

For $35, attendees receive a bowl of ramen from each of the competitors, a draft cocktail, and a dessert — usually in the form of a funky flavor of soft-serve ice cream. The proceeds go toward us to support our program.

The next ramen battle is this Sunday, May 22, which pits La Sirena Clandestina’s John Manion against Sink/Swim’s Matt Danko. The event runs from 4 to 9 pm, and reservations are recommended by calling 773-904-8558. Reserve your spot soon!

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