Pilot Light Chefs Takeover Classrooms & Cafeteria at Disney II Magnet

This week, our Pilot Light Chefs teamed up with teachers at Disney II Magnet Elementary, our founding school, to create lessons that built food into what students were already learning in the classroom.  Even more, the chefs developed and served a delicious, healthy lunch to the students!

Some of the great chef-led lessons included learned how to write a recipe (kindergarten), regions of the United States and their popular dishes (4th grade), and families around the world and traditional rice dishes (2nd grade).  Along the way, students tasted peapods, succotash, kale, wild rice, roasted sweet potatoes… you name it, they tried it (and for the most part, they loved it!). By teaching the students their regular lessons through food, they not only came away with a better understanding of classroom lessons but an understanding of food and its relevance to their everyday lives.

For the lunch takeover, our talented chefs tied in what the students were learning in the classroom and put it on their plates. The lunch was a tasty Chicken Hot Pocket (filled with a chicken tikka masala), served with brown rice, and cucumber and carrot sticks. To finish the meal off with a bang, dessert featured a raspberry preserves and kefir panna cotta. We are so grateful to Lifeway for their generous kefir donation to the lunch.  Stay tuned for the recipes and check out all of photos on our Facebook page.

We had a blast taking over the classroom and the lunchroom for a day. Interested in bringing Pilot Light into your school? Email info@pilotlightchefs.org for more details on how to get your school involved.

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