A Look Inside One of Our Lessons from a Teacher’s Point of View: Ms. Halligan, 5th Grade

Our partner schools will start a new round of Pilot Light lessons in the month of February. To kick it off, we want to give you a glimpse on the impact that our lessons have on our partner school students through the eyes of one of our teachers.

Meet Ms. Halligan, one of the 5th grade teachers at Darwin Elementary. Ms. Halligan has been teaching Pilot Light’s curriculum for two years. During the winter quarter, Ms. Halligan took our “Tea and the Trouble in Boston” lesson and integrated it into her Social Studies lessons. This lesson has students work through a series of activities that depict different tax acts enacted by the British government and argued by the colonists leading up to the American Revolution.

“Working with Pilot Light has been wonderful. I was able to take the lessons given to me and use them as the structure for facilitating learning within my classroom. This introduction by Pilot Light has been the catalyst to a whole Social Studies unit on Colonization and the American Revolution. I incorporated the lessons supplied, a history textbook and several internet sources, including Schoolhouse Rock!”

To culminate this series of lessons, our 5th grade Darwin students also participated in a fun lesson with one of the Pilot Light Chefs where they boycotted the heavily taxed “King’s Tea” like the colonists and worked together to create their own brand of tea. “The students were very excited about the culmination with the chef and enjoyed making their own tea!  This has been a fabulous experience and I would recommend Pilot Light to any teacher!”

We will start back up at all of our partner schools in February with even more engaging curriculum that ties in food and nutrition into their usual school subjects. Next, Ms. Halligan’s students will learn about the migration of people and how hunter-gatherers began learning about agriculture and farming.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Please visit www.pilotlightchefs.org/bring/ if you are interested in bringing Pilot Light into your school.

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