6 Pieces of Food Advice for Parents: #1

Hello Pilot Light parents!

Its Lucy here again, having just stumbled upon a cool article from The New York Times. It is titled ‘6 Food Mistakes Parents Make.’ However, I have made the decision to rename it for a more positive approach. Pilot Light presents ‘6 Pieces of Food Advice for Parents.’ Here is the first one, so I can share the others with you on a later date.

Do not send children out of the kitchen when cooking!

As easy as it is to shoo kids out of a dangerous area while preparing dinner, don’t! Studies done at Columbia University have shown that involving children in preparing their meal is the first step to getting them to try new foods. One study showed 600 students ranging from 5-12 who took part in a nutrition curriculum with the intention of getting them to eat more vegetables and whole grains. Some of these students were additionally involved in cooking workshops. The data shows that the students who cooked their own food, instead of just being preached to, were more opt to eat those foods in the cafeteria.

This makes sense because:  Kids learn from experiences they have. Most of these experiences are are led by their curiosity. If a kid sees a piece of raw pasta enter a boiling pot of water hard and return flexible, they are more excited to see what it tastes like. The kitchen is a dangerous place to leave children unattended, but if you have the time, cook dinner with your kids! You will be pleasantly surprised when they decide to try something new, maybe even a new (& adventurous) favorite!

Pilot Light parents are seeing this all firsthand! In Chicago Public Schools that have Pilot Light, kids are taught school subjects with a focus on food, and then do an activity incorporating some foods they learn about. 76% of Pilot Light students will try new foods and 71% are asking parents for healthier foods. To top this all off, 96% of our students like Pilot Light lessons! Pilot Light is constantly proving that spending a little extra time in the kitchen, goes a long way.

Stay tuned for 5 more pieces of food advice!

Happy Monday!


PARKER-POPE, TARA. “6 Food Mistakes Parents Make.” The New York Times 15 Sept. 2008, Health sec.: H2. Print.

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