2023-24 Fellow: Stacy Watts

6th-7th Grade STEM & Language Arts Teacher in Baton Rouge, LA Eva Legard Center for Coastal and Environmental Science

2023-24 Fellow: Stacy Watts has been teaching in the Baton Rouge area for 5 years. She first became interested in the Pilot Light Fellowship because she recognized the food access inequality, as well as the Food Education inequity around her. Mrs. Watts is looking forward to being able to empower her students to become advocates. She is also looking forward to introducing students to different cultures through food during her time as a Fellow. Mrs. Watts has always incorporated food into her ELA curriculum and wanted to challenge herself to do more.

In 2022-2023, she began a school garden with her students. They are looking forward to eating the vegetables that they’ve grown, and she is excited to open their minds to trying new things and using that commonality to build bonds and community within the school. Having the support of her administration, coworkers, and parents during the Fellowship will make it a very rewarding experience that she plans to continue in the future.

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #1: Food Connects Us to Each Other.

The first FES resonates with me the most. Being in Louisiana, food is a big part of our culture. It is truly a bonding experience to sit down with others over a common meal and have wonderful conversations.

A Favorite Food Memory or Recipe: 

My favorite food memory is the first time I tried French Onion Soup. My husband and I were in New Orleans on a river cruise. When it returned, it was late, and there weren’t a lot of restaurants open. We happened into a little café. He ordered the soup – I don’t even remember what I ordered. He let me taste a bite, since I’d never had it, and I ate the entire bowl. It was so delicious! Now I try it everywhere I go.

Why I Became a Fellow: 

I am most excited to have the support of my coworkers to do the Food Education Fellowship. Having the administration be so excited about what I’m doing is really a blessing.

2023-24 Fellow Stacy Watts
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