Our 2017-2018 Teachers and Schools

Ashburn Community Elementary School, Ashburn

Principal: Ms. Jewel Ann Diaz
Diane Clemons
Angela Johnson
Dan McLernon
Bass Elementary School, West Englewood
Principal: Ms. Carolyn Jones
Judith Hill
Nicole Kerr
Courtney Smyth
Burke Elementary School, Washington Park
Principal: Ms. Jessica Biggs
Jakil Hill-Turner
John Idlas
Latiya Magee
Claremont Academy Elementary School, West Englewood
Principal: Ms. Mary Beth Padezanin-Zonca
Tara Gaud
Beverly Nunn
Disney II Magnet, Kedvale Campus, Old Irving Park
Principal: Ms. Kathleen Speth
Cory Beck
Jennifer Castillo
Gabriel Hoerger
Judith Martin
Amy Peterson
UCharter Charter-Donoghue, Bronzeville
Director: Ms. Erin Gilmore Slack
Erik Muller
Donyale Wallace
Earle STEM Elementary School, West Englewood
Principal: Mr. Cederrall Petties
Quishun Elrod
Marria Rahim
Erin Schave
Mitchell Elementary School, West Town
Principal: Ms. Nicole Milberg
Taylor Farrell-Kehoe
Alicia Schoenbeck
Laura Schuler
Erich Somen
The Montessori School of Englewood, Englewood
Principal: Ms. Rita Nolan
Lillie Anderson
Maria Barksdale
Jamie Knight
Caleb Wagner
Morrill Math & Science Elementary School, West Englewood
Principal: Mr. Martin Anderson
Tamika Hutchinson-Mahone
Tiffany Parson
Hortensia Smekal
Nicolson Technology Academy, Englewood
Principal: Mr. Derrick Kimbrough
Cecilia Brandon Van-Ellis
Tanya Ramsey
Lillian Tyler
Palmer Elementary School, North Mayfair
Principal: Ms. Jennifer Dixon
Meghan Dolan
Kristie Friar
Nancy Gomez
Pritzker College Prep, Hermosa 
Principal: Ms. Carrie Spitz
Laura Edwards
John Planisek
Charles Rosentel
Richard Schrishuhn
Kaydee Wasserman
Ray Elementary, Hyde Park
Principal: Ms. Megan Thole
Cynthia Annorh
Vicki Drewa
Chandra Garcia-Kitch
Eleni Lemberis
Abby Markert
Mikyra Toney-James
Smyth Elementary School, University Village
Principal: Dr. Ronald Whitmore
 Debra Ellis
Aileen Lopez
Audrie Mason
Casey McGuire
Keith Raickett
Linda Sudduth

2016-2017 Cohort at the Pilot Light Institute

Pilot Light celebrates the work of its inaugural cohort of teachers and thanks them for their commitment to bringing food education to their students.

Mr. Nana Amponsah, 4th Grade

“I wish to empower students with knowledge of their culture’s cuisine.”

Ms. Maria Barksdale, 4th-6th

"I want my students to make and advocate for healthier food choices."

Mrs. Myriah Brown-Rivera, 5th Grade

“I feel an obligation to help my students develop a positive relationship with food.”

Ms. Meghan Dolan, 3rd Grade

“I want to give my students the opportunity to embrace food education and I want to expand my own thinking about how food relates to curriculum.”

Ms. Vickie Drewa, 4th Grade

“I want my students to understand that food not only provides nutrition, but also a communal experience and has emotional/spiritual meaning.”

Ms. Debra Ellis, 5th Grade

“I hope that my students will learn how to make better choices about food and then be able to advocate for what they want and need.”

Ms. Kristie Friar, 5th Grade

“I want my students to gain deeper appreciation for cultures other than their own.”

Mrs. Chandra Garcia-Kitch, 3rd Grade

“I want to help my students understand how food choices impact their lives daily and in the future.”

Ms. Jamie Knight, 4th-6th Grade

“I want my students to view food as a cultural vehicle, scientific tool, and a piece of history.”

Ms. Eleni Lemberis, 5th Grade

“I want to raise students’ food awareness and knowledge of food/nutrition, food industry, and practices, and have them use this information in their lives.”

Mrs. Aileen Lopez, 3rd Grade

“I want my students to know how they can make a difference in their own lives as well as others by becoming more knowledgeable about health and nutrition and what they can do to bring healthy foods to their community.”

Ms. Amy Peterson, Instructional Coach

“I want our students to experiment with food and make healthy choices, both at home and at school.”

Ms. Amina Sayeed, 4th-6th Grade

“I hope my students will learn to enrich their lives and connect to others through food.”

Mrs. Alicia Peshel-Schoenbeck, 4th Grade

“I want my students to learn about more ways to make healthy food choices.”

Mr. Erich Somen, 4th Grade

“I want my students to learn that they themselves can make a positive change- not just for themselves but also for their communities.”

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