Gary Werner – 2019-2020 Fellow

Gary Werner – 8th Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies at Palmer Elementary School

Gary Werner is honored to be a part of the Fellowship of Pilot Light at Palmer school.  He is a Grade 8 Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Palmer. His undergrad degree is in Elementary Education (K-8), and he has a Master’s degree in English Language Arts Curriculum and Instruction.  This will be his 19th year of teaching. 

Gary has always had an interest in Food and Nutrition Education.  He is quite athletic and was a swimming instructor and coach for a good span of years before he became a teacher for CPS.  He also competed in Triathlons and other myriad events that require efficient training and nutrition. When Gary became a teacher, he noticed how many young students had very little regard for proper nutrition.  Over time, he managed to develop a unit of instruction called “The Nutrition Inquiry Project Unit.” Students are provided with relevant nutritional information that is important to their growth and development. Students also explore nutritional topics that are most interesting to them, and all students ultimately present their findings to the class.  Once Pilot Light partnered with Palmer, this program fit like a hand in glove into the curriculum and school. Palmer strives to be a healthy school and community, and Gary thanks Pilot Light for affording all of his students with educational opportunities that focus on food and nutrition.

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