Growing Together: Bass Elementary commits to growing it’s community garden with support from the Englewood Quality of Life Fund

Community Garden

Pilot Light is pleased to be the recipient of the Englewood Quality of Life Fund, which is providing $1800 to help support developing the community garden at Bass Elementary School in the 2018-2019 school year.

The community garden project was brought to life at the On the Table event the past May. Pilot Light chefs and staff joined together with teachers, parents, students and community members to discuss the current challenges they are facing and ideate on how food education can be a catalyst to create change and drive progress within their communities.

Working with local non-profits South Side Roots and BAM, local volunteers and 7th grade students will help plant and tend the community garden throughout the year, providing multi-generational interaction and mentorship. Bass Elementary teachers will be able to use the produce grown in the garden in classroom recipes and lessons, furthering the students understanding of the impact and value of gardening and grow deeper connections to their community.

To learn more about the Englewood Quality of Life Fund click here.

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