Old Fashioned Face-Off 2017

On December 5th, Old Forester is bringing the best Old-Fashioned spin-offs together in the Old Forester Old Fashioned Face-Off. Seven cities around the country, including Pilot Light’s hometown of Chicago, will celebrate the 84th anniversary of Repeal Day by bringing their best to the table. 14 bartenders from around Chicago will compete for awesome prizes in celebration of great bourbon, great Old Fashioned cocktails, great people and the repeal of Prohibition.

Old Forester has partnered with Do312 to sponsor the event and decided to give a percentage of the ticket sales to Pilot Light. Old Forester supports in Pilot Light’s mission to bring food education into Chicago area schools and communities.

You may enjoy an Old Fashioned from time to time but do you know their origin and history? Just like Old Forester, the Old Fashioned comes from Louisville, Kentucky. in 1881 at the Pendennis Club, a well-known private club.A traditional Old Fashioned is made with bourbon, muddled sugar and bitters, and a citrus rind. Yes, people have used these ingredients before, but the name did not come to be until this time. It is also one of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. It is as classic as they come!

When it comes to Old Forester, they have a history of their own. They are the first bottled bourbon ever. Almost 150 years later, Old Forester is still run by the same family and within a year they are reopening their original distillery from 1870, talk about a homecoming.

Interested in attending and supporting Pilot Light? Tickets are still on sale at https://il.oldfashionedfaceoff.com/. While you’re there, check out the contestants and their concoctions and pick which one you like the best. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration and try your hand at the Old Fashioned.

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