Fattening Up America

By Ivana Chkoumbova


Looking at the amount of fat on nutrition labels rather than the amount of calories is not common. However, scientists are now noticing that the public is actually starting to consume more and more fat. Looking at previous blog posts, it was said that not consuming enough carbohydrates would cause us to start to subconsciously crave fatty foods. However, in the present case, even consuming more carbohydrates will not provide a solution to the problem at hand: heart disease (CNN, 2015).

The dietary committee has concluded that it is not the total fat that is causing the alarming spike in heart disease, but it is the overconsumption of the saturated fat (CNN, 2015). The committee says, “reducing saturated fat could lower the risk of heart disease if it is replaced with a type of “good” fat known as polyunsaturated fat, found in vegetable oils, such as soybean and corn oil, and fatty fish such as salmon and trout” (CNN, 2015).┬áThe committee says that consuming monosaturated fat, found in olive and peanut oil, would actually promote good heart health.

Pilot Light is working towards educating the youth to be able to determine the difference between the different types of fats and which should be consumed more or less frequently.


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