Verzênay was born when Arshiya moved to Paris to learn and excel in the art of French pastries. After graduating from the Ferrandi School of culinary arts, Paris, and working over there at the Delmontel boulangerie-patisserie and hotel Le Meurice, Verzênay became Arshiya’s means to share the French passion for high quality bread, pastries and desserts. Arshiya and her husband, Aqeel, run this small family business since 2014, starting their business from as a farmer’s market stand at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park to recently opening their first storefront in July 2021. Their passion for products sourced from local farms and their belief in using natural or organic foods is reflected in the quality of their desserts.



Verzenay’s Mission

At Verzênay, we are all about sharing our devotion to make nourishing and delicious Chef crafted savory and sweet baked goods and desserts, with no artificial anything. Our mission is to provide consumers with products that are:

  • Best in taste & quality
  • Filled with locally sourced and clean ingredients, and
  • Supports economic development and growth for women.
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