SnackTime Explorers Launches in CPS This Week!

2023 is off to an exciting start with the launch of SnackTime Explorers! 

On January 11, students and educators across Chicago Public Schools will be transformed into the first ever SnackTime Explorers through a brand-new exciting collaboration between Pilot Light and FRESHEALTH.

SnackTime Explorers is an educational toolkit designed to supplement the USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). FFVP is an in-classroom program that helps provide schools nationwide with a variety of fresh cut produce snacks. Pilot Light and FRESHEALTH have teamed up to supplement the FFVP and support educators who participate in the program.

SnackTime Explorers has been strategically designed with the following goals in mind: 

  • Offering educators an accessible framework to utilize FFVP effectively in their classrooms. 
  • Inspiring students to be curious and enthusiastic about trying new fruits and veggies through a multisensory learning experience. 
  • Utilizing the Food Education Standards to promote food education and an equitable food system future for everyone. 

Visit our new SnackTime Explorers information page to download a sample lesson from the program and sign up if you’re interested in bringing SnackTime Explorers to your CPS classroom! 

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