USDA FNS Administrator Cindy Long Visits Pilot Light

This week, Pilot Light was honored to welcome Administrator Cindy Long from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS) to visit one of our Chicago classrooms to get a first-hand look at Pilot Light’s engaging food education in action. Administer Long was touring the work that the USDA FNS does to support local communities in Chicago.

The visit was hosted at Acero Jovita Idar in Pilot Light 2021-22 Food Education Fellow Ryan Johnson’s 7th-grade science classroom. The USDA FNS team observed Mr. Johnson’s lesson called “Please Pass the Bread,” where students engaged in a lab on mold growth on bread, which is part of a unit they are doing on cells. Mr. Johnson also showed the visitors the garden that he is leading at the school with the support and investment of Pilot Light.

Pilot Light is grateful for the generous grant support that we have received from the USDA Farm to School program over the past four years and were thrilled by the opportunity to show Administrator Long this work in action, and how we use food to make learning fun!










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