Partnership Spotlight: Green City Market and Star Farm Chicago

All of the teachers in our 2021-22 Fellowship are working with community partners to create an impact through food education. Ms. Kaley Relaz (ELA & Math for Diverse Learners, Chicago) recently collaborated with Star Farm Chicago and Green City Market to develop a lesson on life skills.

Ms. Relaz’s classes were all scheduled to observe as Chef Rocio from Star Farm Chicago demonstrated how to make a delicious, colorful sweet potato hash right in the classroom using one of Pilot Light’s mobile kitchen carts. Would you like to know our favorite part of this story? One class was in quarantine and missed the demonstration. When they returned to school, Ms. Relaz’s 6th graders served as chefs-for-a-day and showed them how to make the hash. Pilot Light lessons make an impact!

Thanks to Green City Market, all students were all given farm fresh ingredients so they could make the dish with their families.

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