Supporter Spotlight: Peter Flesvig

This summer, we’d like to highlight the incredible folx who support Pilot Light with their time and energy on our Advisory, Development, and Young Professional Boards! We are so grateful for their dedication and passion for food education day in and day out!

Featured today on our Feeding Minds Blog is Peter Flesvig of our Development Committee, and I’ll pass it over to him to kick us off!

Tell us a little bit about your background and journey with Pilot Light:

Peter’s 20+ year career includes a diverse set of consulting, strategy, and sales roles. His resume includes more than a decade as a strategic sales executive with PepsiCo as well as an accomplished stretch in the marketing agency world where he led a culinary marketing business through long-term strategic partnership development and work with the James Beard Foundation. Today Peter leads Strategic Partnerships for toldright, a first-of-its-kind on-demand production resource.

I first got involved with Pilot Light a few years ago while I was working in the culinary marketing world.  I was introduced to Pilot Light and immediately realized it was the exact type of local, purpose-driven organization I wanted to be involved with. 


What is a favorite food or childhood food memory? 

My favorite childhood food memory is walking into my grandma’s house to the smell of homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch each time we visited. It was a seemingly simple dish that she spent hours creating – and it was always delicious. That memory is why my favorite Pilot Light food education standard is ‘Food connects us to each other.’  I love that food is such a powerful tool to share stories, culture, history, and hospitality with others. 

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