Pilot Light on The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation Podcast

We caught up with Todd Schnick at the Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation Podcast last month to talk about how our #PLFamilyMeal lessons and videos are designed to support educators, families, and youth during this time of distance learning through the act of sharing food. 

We also talked about what a food integrated lesson looks like by sharing the story of 2020-2021 Fellow Leah Guenther’s December lesson on Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”. Students at Dewey Elementary read “The Jungle,” a novel originally published in 1905 that exposed the harsh and unsanitary working conditions in the meat-packing industry in Chicago, engaged in a live lesson with Rob Levitt on how to butcher a pig while learning about the craft and role of the butcher in honoring the animal by utilizing the whole animal to create delicious foods. 

Listen here: https://schnickfoundation.org/pilot-light/

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