Pilot Light Partners with the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation to Bring Food Education to Summer Camp

What do professional hockey leagues and Pilot Light have in common? We all have to eat, right! Pilot Light was excited to provide produce-focused lessons this summer. More than 800 kids from across Chicago participated in Healthy Hawks camp run by the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation in collaboration with Pilot Light. Students created snacks using an assortment of summer vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes. 

Students created their own trail mix using twenty-two unique, healthy ingredients including crystallized ginger, seaweed, dried mango, and pumpkin seeds. Before the students made their own creations, they each had to guess the ingredients. Students tried new foods, like buckwheat, learned how their food choices fuel their bodies for the demands of exercise, and made connections to their own daily decision-making. After making the mix, students filled out a worksheet with their recipes and explained why they chose each ingredient. Everyone ended up with a healthy snack and tried something new.

Thank you to the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and to fourth grade teacher, Beverly Nunn, for making this wonderful experience possible!

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