2016 food trends we will miss

By Brenna O’Dea

Kale popcorn

I am just as surprised to be writing this as you are to be reading it. Why would we take something as classic and fool proof as popcorn and ruin it with kale?? I love a good kale salad as much as the next healthy foodie, but must we put it in and on everything these days?? Yes. We must. And in this case, it SLAYS. Quinn Snacks Super Kale & Sea Salt Popcorn is delicious, delightful, and above all else, addicting. Make sure to grab a few…dozen bags, because this snack will be gone faster than you can say I can’t believe it’s not butter…it’s kale! All organic and of the “farm to bag” variety, this kale comes from Van Drunen Farms just about 50 miles away in Momence, Illinois. The whole family can share this snack and keep up those healthy new year’s resolutions too. Every handful is full of fiber and fresh from the farm flavor. So believe it or not, kale popcorn may soon become a staple in your pantry (and in the little ones’ lunch boxes).

Rosé chocolate

Kind of strange. Kind of AMAZING. You will never have to worry about pairing the perfect glass of vino with the perfect bite of chocolate EVER again. Compartés Chocolatier has done the dirty work for you. Pretty, pink, and palate pleasing till the very last square, the rosé chocolate bar is the ultimate sweet treat at the end of a stressful week (or any week, really). I don’t think this variety will be replacing classic cocoa anytime soon, but when you are in the mood for something different, something sassy, this will do the trick. Just make sure you save this sweet treat for yourself and find something else for the little ones. They can still join in on the fun…opt for the animal cookie chocolate bar and make their wildest dreams come true Or better yet, sweeten up your usual after school snack time and make your own!

Sweet potato toast

Gluten free goddesses (and gods) rejoice! We can finally hold our heads up high and enjoy that amazing avocado toast alongside our gut-gifted peers. Packed with potassium and loaded with vitamins A & C, your tummy will never be happier or healthier. Don’t worry, I was skeptical at first too. How can a slice of a measly potato replace the perfectly toasted slice of sourdough? Won’t every bite be soggier than the last? NOPE and NOPE. The sweet potato adds more flavor than its carby-counterpart, and the texture is surprisingly satisfying. Crisp and creamy, sweet and savory, whatever you top your toast with, swap in a sweet potato for the base and let your taste buds run wild.

Golden goodness

This trend has been going strong for quite a while now, and we are not tired of it yet. In fact, we may never tire of this inflammation-fighting, metabolism-magnifying super spice. Turmeric has earned its well-deserved reputation as one of the most powerful tools in the kitchen. Sprinkle some on nearly ANY dish and it will probably taste a bit better and be a whole lot healthier. One of our favorites for this chilly time of year, the glorious golden milk latte filled with flavor and warming spices like ginger and cinnamon. The one and only downside of this spectacular spice…stain city. While the yellow hue is lovely to look at, it will tint nearly everything it comes in contact with (including your hands). But have no fear! Here are some helpful tips to get out even the toughest of turmeric stains, so you can get back to the real work…EATING.

Galaxy cake

A cake that is out of this world…literally. The galaxy trend blasted off in 2016 and it is still soaring. To create a cake with the true wow factor, you will definitely need to put in some extra time and effort. But the results with be BEAUTIFUL and of course, DELICIOUS. Whether you use fondant or glaze, this project is perfect for little hands. They will LOVE decorating this delicacy with the craziest colors and sparkles you can find. For an extra special surprise inside, add star-shaped sprinkles right into the batter for a taste of the solar system in every single bite! Finish it off with some edible glitter dust – your audience is sure to be awestruck.

Rainbow bites

We all know that I am not the biggest fan of food coloring. I kind of detest the stuff. However, when you add a few drops to an ooey gooey grilled cheese or a big beautiful bagel…something magical happens. I’m serious. The only possible explanation for something this insane is magic or sorcery. Plus, this trend has also been called “unicorn food” and it doesn’t get much more magical than that. Your little hungry monsters will go gaga for a grilled cheese sammy gushing with the colors of the rainbow, or a bagel with blue in every bite. We recommend making this a special-occasion-only treat, because last time we checked, unicorn was not included on our food pyramid, no matter how much we wish it was.

(Image by flickr member Jordan Gonzales licensed under Creative Commons)

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