Ideas That Extend From Classrooms to Dinner Tables

With August right around the corner…school is almost back in session! The kiddos might feel bummed out at first, and don’t worry, there is still PLENTY of time to soak up the summer sun and spend time grilling and chilling by the beach. But parents and kids alike will be thrilled with Pilot Light programming beginning again in the fall!

This video, featuring some of our wonderful chefs and principals, highlights one of the best things about our programming: the lessons learned extend beyond the classroom walls.

Children discover and explore exciting new foods and flavors, and they carry this knowledge and curiosity home with them. As Chef Matthias Merges states, “It’s a full circle of change.” They tell their family and friends about the delicious food they cooked and tasted, and soon enough everyone is gathered around the dinner table enjoying good conversation and a Pilot Light inspired meal.

Check out the video to hear more about how Pilot Light is shaping (and feeding) young minds everyday both in and out of the classroom. We certainly agree with Chef Paul Kahan when he says, “It’s this cycle of greatness. It starts with the idea in the classroom. It starts with this connection between the world and their lives and food.” We hope to continue this great cycle for many school years to come!


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