Samples: A Recap of the Good Food Festival

At last week’s Good Food Festival, our chefs Paul Kahan, Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski demoed their family-friendly recipes. We’ll be sharing these with you soon.

The seats filled as did our stomachs throughout the afternoon. A few highlights included an apple hazelnut honey fettuna by Kahan and a blueberry dump cake by Cikowski and Kulp.

This year Kahan received FamilyFarmed’s “Good Food Chef of the Year Award,” presented to him by the organization’s President Jim Slama. 12 years ago, he gave a keynote speech at the first Good Food trade show 12 years ago. This brings Kahan’s dedication to local and sustainable food in Chicago full-circle.

The Good Food Festival helps shed light on a changing nationwide food culture, as the Chicago Tribune wrote about it this past weekend. “That such a day even exists is a sign of how times have changed. Increasingly, consumers want food they consider to be healthy and socially responsible while also affordable and delicious.”

With our chefs’ support and vision, Pilot Light is proud to bring food education to children throughout Chicago so that they can make healthier, better informed food choices.

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