Yvonne Izquierdo – Pilot Light Intern

Yvonne Izquierdo

any pronouns

Pilot Light Dietetic Intern 

 As the dietetic intern, Yvonne Izquierdo assists with  qualitative program analysis, ECE and SpEd nutrition toolkit development, and community involvement  responsibilities/programs. They are passionate about ecologically minded nutrition education and community engagement. Yvonne is now in her final year at UIC’s  Accelerated Masters of Nutrition Science Coordinated Program. With over 20 years experience in the workforce, they’ve also dedicated many hours to volunteer work contributing to food and nature education.  

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #1- Food connects us to each other. I cherish the ways we can be together and celebrate what it is to be human. Experiencing  all the different flavors, textures, smells, colors and emotions that food brings to us raises multiple opportunities for us to build community across all differences. 

Yvonne’s favorite food memory or recipe: Winter solstice community meals centered on shared seasonal produce, root vegetables, mulled cider, and warming spices. 

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