Yuri Takenaga – 2022-2023 Fellow

Yuri Takenaga – 10th-12th Grade AP Spanish Language and Culture, Translation, and Interpretation at STRIVE Prep — SMART – Denver, CO

I was born in Mexico City. My family is a “multi-nation salad”, and I’m not kidding. I grew up in the Japanese community in Mexico City because my father’s dad was Japanese, and my grandmother was from Spain. I have Lebanese relatives, a Cuban great-great-grandmother, American uncles and cousins, and family members in Mexico, the US, Canada, Spain, Australia, Thailand, and Japan. Food has always been a very important part of our family culture.

This is going to be my 9th year teaching AP Spanish in high school. Culture is one of the most important elements of this class, and there is no culture without food! I know my students will learn and enjoy this journey.



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