Ratib Al-Ali – 2019-2020 Fellow

Ratib Al-Ali – 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies at Nobel Elementary School

Ratib Al-Ali is an ESL bilingual teacher and has been teaching in CPS for the past 27 years. He works with sixth and seventh-grade students at Nobel Elementary School and is a husband and father to six children. In his free time, Ratib loves to cook for his family, travel to new places, experience new cultures, get lost in a great book, and spend time with his wonderful wife, amazing children, and two beautiful granddaughters. His favorite part of the day is when his family is all gathered together at the dinner table and able to tell one another about their days at work and school. Regardless of how busy their days are, dinner is the time in which everything comes to a standstill and they are able to focus on each other. This is Ratib’s second year with Pilot Light. Last year was a great success, and he is looking forward to continuing to increase his knowledge and that of his students with regard to healthy eating!

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