Tamieka Hardy

Tamieka Hardy

Tamieka Hardy


Pronunciation: Tah-mee-kah

Title: Fellowship Alumni Network (FAN) Manager

Tamieka Hardy oversees Pilot Light’s Fellowship Alumni Network (FAN). She is an experienced food scientist and research chef with strong food safety and technology expertise.

Tamieka is also a food industry writer, with degrees in Culinary Arts, Culinology and Food Sciences and Technology. She is a champion for educating people about food systems and sources so they can make informed decisions about how food, nutrition, and accessibility fuels health and wellbeing.

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #6 – We can make positive and informed food choices. 

This standard resonates because it asks the questions of “why” people make decisions around food they do and “how” it impacts them personally. The practical applications associated with this standard build upon the first six standards. And those who are learning about food, the food system, and personal nutrition apply the knowledge to exercise their own autonomy and take charge of their wellbeing as it relates to decisions and relationships with food.

A favorite food memory or recipe:

There are so many amazing food memories to share, but one of my favorites is from childhood. As a kid, I would pick fresh strawberries in our backyard garden, then my mom and I would make strawberry-banana jam.

Reach me: tamieka@pilotlightchefs.org

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