Tamara Golden

Tamara Golden


Pronunciation: Tah – Mar – Rah, sounds way too similar to “Tomorrow”

Title: Director of Development

Tamara Golden works with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, staff, and other Pilot Light champions to identify and engage new donors and create a strategic and holistic development plan.

Tamara has over 8 years’ worth of experience in fundraising, and loves building relationships with supporters and finding each person’s unique passion and connection to the cause. She worked in the Chicago market of Autism Speaks, planning large scale fundraising events and engaging individual and corporate donors. Prior to working in development, Tamara worked in education at the Chicago Children’s Museum for over 10 years. This unique blend of fundraising and programming experience makes Tamara uniquely suited to serve Pilot Light’s mission in a fundraising capacity.

Tamara lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters. She is incredibly excited to be joining Pilot Light and is more inspired by our mission every day. 

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #5 – Food Impacts Health:

I have learned how to make intentional choices about the food I eat so I can be my best self. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel my best, I need to eat fruit and vegetables that give my body the nutrients and vitamins it needs. I have tried to teach my children this at a young age. If we eat well and fuel our bodies with healthy fresh foods, we will feel our best and avoid many illnesses.

A favorite food memory or recipe:

Growing up we used to visit our grandparents in St. Louis twice a year. All my cousins would come into town as well and we would have giant slumber parties for 5 or 6 days straight. My grandpa would go to the local Jewish deli and get a huge spread for us for breakfast every morning. Most of the kids would not even try the smoked salmon he would buy. I loved it and my grandpa loved watching me eat it and enjoy it. It brought him such joy. One night my cousins were staying up so late and I told them I needed to go to sleep and they needed to be quiet. The quicker I go to sleep, the quicker I can wake up and eat salmon. They made fun of me for years about that, but I stand by it!

Reach me: tamara@pilotlightchefs.org or connect with me on LinkedIn!  

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