2023-24 Fellow: Lucy Ten Eyck

Pre-K Special Education & General Education Teacher in Chicago, IL Piccolo Elementary School

2023-24 Fellow: Lucy Ten Eyck has been teaching Pre-K Special Education within Chicago Public Schools for 5 years. She first became interested in the Pilot Light Fellowship when she saw how it could tie her own passion for cooking and nutrition into the life skills she teaches her students.

Lucy is looking forward to finding new ways to create joyful opportunities that connect students’ learning to their own food experiences. She most enjoys her time in the classroom when she is sharing new experiences with others. This past year, this has included opportunities for cooking, gardening, and science experiments. Throughout the year, she saw how hands on opportunities like these created excitement around learning for her Pre-K students as well as their 8th grade “big buddies.” She hopes to build on this learning and community connection with additional family, school, and community partnerships.

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #7: We Can Advocate for Food Choices and Changes that Impact Ourselves, Our Community, and Our World.

I most resonate with FES #7. Growing up, many family conversations were focused on the environmental impact that people have on the earth. My dad often spoke about how most modern day agricultural systems in the U.S. negatively impact land and water ways. In adulthood, this topic of conversation has developed into a curiosity around food systems, Food Education, and food sovereignty. I am proud of my dad’s work in this area and hope to continue these conversations so that our young people can have the knowledge and confidence to think critically about how food impacts them and their community.

A Favorite Food Memory or Recipe: 

Moms Rhubarb Pie: Pie crust – Chopped rhubarb – Sugar – Corn starch – Butter – Vanilla extract – Salt – Secret ingredient

Why I Became a Fellow: 

I am most excited about being in community with others that are passionate about this topic of education. I’m looking forward to hearing the ideas of fellow educators. Additionally, I’m excited for the chance to learn from community partners. It will be exciting to see my students engage with food and form their own opinions around the food systems that directly impact them and their community.

23-24 Fellow Lucy Ten Eyck
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