2023-24 Fellow: Beverly Nunn

4th and 5th Grade Science Teacher in Chicago, IL – Claremont STEM Academy

2023-24 Fellow: Beverly Nunn is currently a fourth grade classroom teacher at Claremont STEM Academy, a Chicago Public School. She has taught at Claremont for the last 7 years. Beverly has been working and advising Pilot Light’s programming and curricula development through her teaching for over 6 years, and is eager to return to the program so she can assist students as they gain more awareness about Food Education and the Food Education Standards. Her desire to return to the program stems from her desire to expose her students to various learning opportunities.

Beverly is a native of Chicago and a product of the Chicago Public School System. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Eastern Illinois University, and later attended Concordia University to obtain her Master of Arts and Teaching Degree. During her free time, she enjoys giving back to her service, in addition to spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #1: Food Connects Us to Each Other. 

This standard stands out the most for me because the kitchen is typically the centrally located room in your home. It brings you together with your family where memories are made. Food creates memories, brings about laughter and inspires you to do better. Food inspires me to do better by wanting bring the family together. It is the heart of my home and my family. Food brings family together, enhances conversations, and creates lifelong memories while connecting you to those you love.

A Favorite Food Memory or Recipe: 

My favorite Food Education memory is from creating omelets in my classroom. Watching students eyes light up as they cracked eggs for the first time or even having the opportunity to try different things was fulfilling.

Why I Became a Fellow: 

I’m most excited to join the Food Education Fellowship because I’m excited to connect with my students on a different level. I’m excited to expose them to some different things and open their eyes to new experiences.

23-24 Fellow Beverly Nunn
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