Kai Fogelson – Pilot Light Intern

Pilot Light Intern Kai Fogelson smiles at the camera in between two long outdoor dinner tables.Kai Fogelson

Pronunciation: K – IGH (Sounds like “sky” without the s)


Pilot Light AgEd & Marketing Intern 

As Pilot Light’s AgEd and Marketing Intern, Kai assists with AgEd program development, analysis, and marketing and partnership campaigns. He is passionate about using food and Food Education to connect us to each other, in order to create  a web of meaningful connections that allow us to explore our diverse individualities  through culinary creativity.

Favorite Food Education Standard: FES #1- Food connects us to each other. I find FES #1 particularly noteworthy because I am a strong believer that food is one of the most prominent universal languages. Food has the remarkable ability to serve as the middle ground between all of us, independent of gender, race or sexuality. I think that being able to recognize and apply this understanding to our encounters with food is vital to our ability to connect with one another.

Kai’s favorite food memory or recipe: If you know me then you know I’m not very good with favorites but my favorite food memory has to be my obsession with gnocchi since I was little. I would always order gnocchi if it was on the menu anywhere and it grew to be my favorite pasta. Now, I would like to say my palate has evolved but I will forever enjoy a warm bowl of brown butter sage gnocchi.

Reach me: kai@pilotlightchefs.org or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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