Teachers who want more than just an apple.

What’s that expression? The way to a student’s mind is through their stomach?

At Pilot Light, we believe that by using food as the theme, our program offers teachers a wholly unique way to leverage math, science, literacy and social studies.

Eating is at the core of who we are as human beings. So it’s only natural that food serves as a fantastic catalyst for exploration and higher-order thinking.

The results of our pioneering program are two-fold: mastery of core content and long-term informed decision-making when it comes to daily choices concerning food and overall health.


Here’s what we need.

We need your best. You know better than anyone else how to get the most out of your kids. How to motivate them, especially when it comes to new things, new challenges.

For our part, Pilot Light provides teachers with intensive professional development through partnerships with our team of educational experts and chefs. We make sure you have everything needed to create that hunger for learning, as well as the materials to satisfy it.


The benefits of being a Pilot Light Teacher:

  • Receive a $1,650 stipend for your year-long commitment
  • Participate in a series of development sessions
  • Collaborate with fellow teachers to design instructional materials
  • Receive support from Pilot Light chefs on how to create nutritional and tasty lessons


Learn more about the application process, our criteria, and the benefits of participating:


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