Kristine Wilber – 2019-2020 Fellow

Kristine Wilber – 12th Grade English Teacher at Disney II High School

Kristine Wilber received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from The University of Notre Dame.  

After working in marketing as a copywriter for 10 years, she left the formal workplace to stay home and raise her three small children.  During this time, she volunteered extensively in their classrooms and discovered her love of teaching.

Kristine enrolled at DePaul University in 2014 and received her Master’s in Education specializing in Secondary Language Arts.  This year, she will teach both 9th and 12th grades, as well as Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. Last year, she taught an English elective, which explored the Pilot Light Food Standards through reading and writing, as well as through cooking.

Kristine lives in the Portage Park neighborhood with her husband, three CPS students, and a dog. She cooks every day and believes a lovingly prepared meal, shared with friends and family, can solve most problems.

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