Kathryn Noggle – 2019-2020 Fellow

Kathryn Noggle – 5th and 6th Grade Science and STEM at Disney II Elementary School


Kate Noggle teaches 5th and 6th grade science/STEM at Disney II Magnet School. This is her fifth year teaching since getting her Masters of Education from the Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). She is originally from Columbus, Ohio but lived in Denver, Colorado before moving to Chicago for her husband’s job. Kate’s favorite part of Chicago is how walkable the city is! She loves being outdoors. Whether walking, hiking, running or reading, she would always choose to be outside! Kate also loves to cook and has learned so much from her mom! Last year was her first year in Pilot Light and she was blown away at how much the food education positively affected her students. They had so much fun creating healthy “hot chips” and trying different ways astronauts prepare food to last in outer space! Kate is so excited to be a fellow this year and looks forward to learning new and fun ways to implement food education in her classroom!

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