Amy Stamm – 2022-2023 Fellow

Amy Stamm – 9th-12th Grade Transition, Social-Emotional Learning, Special Education, English Language Arts, and Math at HEC Academy – Northampton, MA

After working with incarcerated students for two decades, I now teach at a tiny special education school in Northampton, MA with students who have had a difficult time in their public schools. The students in our school understand marginalization, and many live the effects of food apartheid. They have recently been transforming a space next to our school into a garden, and they want to learn more about growing food, nutrition, and cooking.
In my free time, I love to read and volunteer at a number of ecological projects. I love making care packages for my friends and doing weekend art projects. I live with my girlfriend and our dog and cat, who might as well be a dog. It’s fun every day to watch their antics. One of my stand-out quirks is that I don’t have a cell phone. I may be the last inhabitant of the United States without one. I also have a kind of amazing collection of plastic toys and small figurines, including an infant eating a hot dog.
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