The Food Education Standards Community is a group of stakeholders who are working to ensure that every student in our country has access to best practices in holistic food education through Pilot Light’s Food Education Standards.


Pilot Light is a non-profit committed to supporting students as they learn and advocate for informed choices by bridging the lessons they learn in their classrooms to the foods on their plates at home, at school and in their communities. For the past 12 years, Pilot Light has been a first mover in Food Education including developing the nation’s first set of Food Education Standards. Watch Pilot Light in action!


Food Education Standards

Pilot Light has developed a cohesive model for classroom food education, using the Food Education Standards to integrate food into traditional subjects like math, reading, history, and science. Pilot Light’s community of teachers builds on students’ knowledge and experiences of and with food through the lessons teachers are already teaching. Simultaneously, students are also learning about food and how it connects us to ourselves, our communities, and our world, while advocating for an equitable future.


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