Lisa Kalabokis

Lisa Kalabokis is the Agriculture Education Manager at Pilot Light. Since graduating from Kendall College in 2012, Lisa has immersed herself in a rich variety of roles within Chicago’s culinary landscape. Beginning at the acclaimed Nightwood restaurant, she went on to educate children at various cooking schools throughout the city, including The Chopping Block. From there, she went on to work for a number of grocers and distributors (including Green Grocer Chicago and Local Foods) where her passion for working with local farmers and artisans was born. For the last four and a half years, Lisa has worked as Chef Educator and Programs Manager for Green City Market, working to educate young people and consumers about where their food comes from, why it’s important and how to prepare it. She also spent a great deal of time advocating for local farmers, growers and artisans, reinforcing her passion for sustainability and locality.
She first became involved with Pilot Light through volunteering within the classroom, as well as collaborating with partner chefs.
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