At the Pilot Light Institute for Food Education, educators and chefs collaborate to support children in making healthier choices by integrating food education into school curriculum.


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Together, teachers and chefs:

  • Create curriculum and instructional materials aligned to our Standards for Food Education
  • Build food-sourcing plans for the classroom
  • Conduct school and community food inventories
  • Build teacher capacity to develop and deliver food-based curriculum

In the Classroom

Students are engaged in food-integrated curriculum in subjects like math, science, social studies and literacy.

In these lessons, students have:

  • Explored social and cultural migration through the history of the al pastor taco
  • Measured small temperature changes when cooking an egg to understand how temperature change affects mass and our environment
  • Composed memoirs to express their personal histories through food

Real-World Connections

Through Institute sessions, teachers and chefs are coached in:

  • Understanding the school food environment at their school.
  • Identifying opportunities to connect the classroom to the cafeteria, homes and communities.
  • Creating curriculum that includes a student-initiated food advocacy project centered around the cafeteria or community.


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