Gala 2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

Executive Chef & Chef de Cuisine Sponsorship Program Integrations

  • Participate in a panel discussion at a Pilot Light event
  • Engage in a Food Advocacy project
  • Present to Pilot Light Food Education Fellows from across the country at a monthly professional development session
  • “Lunch and Learn” event featuring a Pilot Light founding chef at partner’s location. Topics could include how they built their businesses, how they have responded to the pandemic/other trends, as well as how the restaurants support the local economy through their sourcing of food and by attracting visitors to Chicago to experience world class dining.
  • Custom integration (to be mutually agreed upon)

* Gala eBlasts beginning on 8/1/2022.
**Deadline for inclusion on the invitation is 8/31/2022.
The pre-event slideshow will be live-streamed to guests joining us virtually.


What are the responsibilities of each chef?

If you would like to learn more about each type of chef, see this article from Le Corden Bleu, What is the kitchen brigade system?


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