Pilot Light Gala 2022

Feed your Mind 2022

Friday, November 4, 2022
The Arbory

Pilot Light’s Gala is a celebration of food education and one of Chicago’s premier culinary events. On November 4th, our founders – chefs Jason Hammel, Paul Kahan, Justin Large and Matthias Merges – will share the stage with acclaimed Chicago chefs. Together, they will create an unforgettable experience for our guests and raise funds to support students and teachers with food education that is part of everyday learning.




Pilot Light’s annual Gala is our single largest fundraiser.

Student eating and learning about food.

Since 2010, teachers have used Pilot Light’s approach to integrate food education into core subjects, like reading, math and science. Food creates opportunities for connection and learning about diverse histories, cultures and identities. Our approach deepens students’ interest in academic content while building critical skills to make informed food choices. The impact can last a lifetime.



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