Creating our “class family’ album and involving the families in our cooking was a special treat! Each family was asked to provide a photo and a favorite recipe for the students to share.  Before cooking, the student whose turn it was, shared why the recipe was special to them and/or their family. Students were excited to report back to their parents after we prepared their special recipe!

The fourth graders got in on the action looking at food preservation from the perspective of Ancient Civilizations– in particular the Ancient Aztecs.  The students learned about the fermentation process necessary in making chocolate.  They tasted both hot cocoa made the way the Ancient Aztecs would have enjoyed it and the way we typically drink it today.

While cooking has been a part of my classroom for several years, working with Pilot Light has shown me the breadth of food experiences that could be incorporated into all curriculum areas. Working with other teachers, hearing their ideas, sharing in their thought processes has been an enjoyable educational experience.

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