Our program gets measurable results. We take a rigorous approach to evaluation and our outcomes have been peer-reviewed and accepted for presentation in academic settings.

What We Measure

Our partners in research and evaluation, including University of Chicago Medicine, support us in measuring:

  • Students’ food knowledge, attitudes and behaviors
  • Student engagement in the classroom
  • Transmission of Pilot Light lesson material to parents
  • Teacher satisfaction with our program
  • Effectiveness of the Pilot Light professional development sessions for teachers and chefs
  • Student learning and academic performance as a result of Pilot Light lessons

Our Publications

Our Research Accepted for Presentation at National Conferences:

  • Pilot Light: A Chicago-Based Multidisciplinary Program Building Food and Nutrition Education into School Classrooms and Cafeterias. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, November 1, 2016; Denver CO
  • “Pilot Light’s Reset the Table: Bringing Chefs and Teachers Together to Nourish Young Minds and Bodies” – Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Madison, Wisconsin; June 4, 2016
  • “Pilot Light: A Chicago Program Igniting Students’ Curiosity About the Food That Goes In Their Body Through School Curriculum” – Society for Public Health Education Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC; April 1, 2016
  • Food and Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors and Skills Among Preadolescent Children Living in Chicago. Society for Public Health Education Annual Meeting, April 23–25, 2015, Portland, OR; April 23-25, 2015

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