It’s for the Kids.

With each Pilot Light lesson, our students continue to develop the skill sets needed to have healthy relationships with food. Please enjoy some of the success stories from our students at our partner schools, along with tools and resources from our favorite lessons.

“I feel confident. It makes me feel like I might like the new food that Pilot Light is talking about. ”

– 5th Grade Student, Mitchell Elementary

“With every lesson I learn about the food: where it comes from and how it was made. I have so much fun. ”

– 4th Grade Student, Mitchell Elementary


  • “The Whole World is a Taco” lesson
    • Learn about the power of food, but also the history and origins of the chicken al pastor taco!
    • Activity Sheet + Recipe
      • Kids, share what you learned about tacos with your families! Download this engaging comic activity sheet and ask your parents to help you prepare this quick, easy, and delicious recipe for grilled chicken tacos.

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