Pilot Light’s Food Education Standards encompass what we believe to be the benchmarks of the food knowledge, skills and attitudes children need to have healthy relationships with food.  Developed to maximize the educational benefit within the classroom, the Food Education Standards complement child food and nutrition behaviors already occurring in homes and communities.

  1. An understanding the food connects us to each other.
  2. An understanding of external and internal influences on food and nutrition behaviors.
  3. An understanding of food sources and origins.
  4. An understanding of the impact of food on their health.
  5. An understanding of the relationship between food and the environment.
  6. The ability to access, analyze and evaluate information to help them make positive and informed food choices.
  7. The ability to use interpersonal communication skills to influence food choices.
  8. The ability to apply a decision-making process to food behaviors.
  9. The ability to advocate for food and nutrition changes that impact personal, family, and community health.

Teachers who join us at the Pilot Light Institute for Food Education use these Standards as a guide when developing curriculum and experiences for their students.  Do you want to integrate these Standards into teaching and learning for your students?  Apply today.


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