My name is Ashia Aubourg. I reside in Chicago and serve at the Program Manager at Embarc Chicago. I am very passionate about empowering youth! I recently finished my undergraduate degree at Syracuse University where I pursued a Food Studies & Policy Studies Dual-Degree. The Food Studies program at Syracuse University is a broad academic discipline, encompassing the study of food delivery systems, social stability, human rights, public health, human and landscape sustainability, and urban/regional design and planning. I have always been passionate about food equity and uplifting communities. In my current role at Embarc Chicago I manage the execution of planning experiential learning opportunities for a cohort of over 300 students in Chicago Public Schools.

I am volunteering with Pilot Light because I truly believe that food education is an imperative contribution to the success of our youth. Food should be a basic human right- as well as the knowledge of food and all of its complexities. Many of our students in CPS unfortunately live in food swamps and do not have access to the best foods all of the time, I believe that schools should be a place where students can overcome these food barriers. Food is powerful – it connects us all and allows us to empathize with each other on a deep level. I love the work that Pilot Work does to connect youth to food and it’s wonders.

What is your favorite food or meal? This is the hardest questions that you can ask a person like me. It truly depends on the season, my mood, my geographic location etc. I love most foods and pride myself on trying food from different cultures. So, in short – all foods are my favorite foods.

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